Why do I love my job?

People often ask me why I enjoy marrying people as much as I do.  I don’t consider it “just a job” and never will.  It is the most joyous day that two people can share and I feel privileged to be able to participate in such a jubilant event.  Even after the wedding, I like to connect with these couples on Facebook.  It gives me the opportunity to stay in touch with their lives.  I love seeing the birth announcements and photos of their children.  I feel like I know the children without ever seeing them.  Sometimes there are sad events as well.  I never like to hear about a divorce with one of my couples.  Not all marriages stay happy, but I always pray that they will.

I like to connect with my couples by having a consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.  There must be some chemistry between all of us to have a successful wedding.  There is an interview process once we have established that I will be their officiant and the contract is signed.  I ask each couple why they want to get married.  What is there about their partner that makes them want to spend the rest of their life with them.  I usually get horrified looks from the groom and sometimes the bride.  Some are quick to respond because they are confident in their reasons.  Others are more reserved either by shyness or reluctance to share with a stranger.  I can usually gauge from their reactions and their answers as to whether they are right for each other.  Of course, I keep that to myself.  It really isn’t my job to say who should or should not be married.  I just pray that all my couples will be happy together.


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